Texas: The State of Open Innovation

6 stories of partnerships, collaboration and breaking industry boundaries


Macro environmental factors have triggered a shift in strategy for organizations across different industries, which has led to increased investment in open innovation.

Organizations are turning to collaboration and cross-industry partnerships to advance ideas and create groundbreaking solutions. And not just ad-hoc cornerstone achievements but continuous and – for lack of a better term befitting dramatic effect – revolutionary outcomes.

In recent times, Texas has featured as a hub for open innovation on a global scale. Major organizations have successfully followed through from generating ideas to establishing proofs of concept and creating solutions that deliver value industry-wide.

From new technologies to operational frameworks and business processes, new solutions are emerging and changing the way organizations problem-solve because of open innovation. But with that said, the pursuit of innovation is not smooth sailing backed by strong winds. It takes an incredible amount of commitment and effort for an organization to disrupt its business model and open new avenues of research and development.

Ahead of the Texas Open Innovation Conference, we set out to explore how six organizations have embarked on a journey to not only disrupt their business models but their respective industries, too.

In this eBook, you can learn about how NASA, Southwest Airlines, Baker Hughes, Shell, Transocean and Lone Star College-University Park identify industry gaps and generate ideas (or ideation), and navigate the exciting waters of innovation through collaboration and commercial partnerships.


[eBook] Texas: The State of Open Innovation